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 The Final Boss battle ideas/outlines

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PostSubject: The Final Boss battle ideas/outlines   The Final Boss battle ideas/outlines Icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 7:37 pm

In actuality, The real Silver Hood is always asleep. That's a given. But what is up with this Silver Hood then? How did it get here? Why did it want to do all of this? And most importantly, how are you going to deal with it?

My Original Idea:
As Silver Hood is asleep, his resting place, a giant underground Zarathustran Mine, encased in a crystal of his psionic making.The crystal is in turn connected with a machine that produces clones of Silver Hood, all imperfect to a degree. The lesser ones are often discarded. But the more sentient ones survive and are used in insidious plots devised by Silver Hood, preprogrammed into the machine doing all of this.

This Silver Hood is a clone, full of Silver Hood's before-sleep memories, using the DB program to kill people who in turn get transferred into nutrients for Silver Hood to develop while he's sleeping. The prize was just a ploy to lure people. This clone has it's obvious imperfections, but it's biggest flaw is that it's actually made of various amounts of destroyed matter. Claws, tentacles, naturally anything that was tossed into the earth during the War of Manos, a huge event that took place 5000 years prior to these events. Anyways, onto the actual fights.

Just a regular Silver Hood NPC fight at first. You'll play it with just one character, but as you deplete his health you'll experience dramatic cutscenes that involve all of the Deviants and Vagrants together against him. After pushing him over the edge, he begins to grow unstable, and his organic material explodes and transforms him, as well as tears up the program so bad it ruins the room and almost ruins the chances of getting home for the deviants. The second fight works like Tabuu at this point, leading to the end, as he melts and dissolves, back into his pathetic amount of material. His mask sits in a pool of purple goo, and the firewall blocking the exit to the program is destroyed, allowing everyone to leave.

This was an ending more or less made to fit sequels.

Deux's Idea:

The prize was still fake, yes, and you still have to have a regular fight against Silver Hood, but after he gets finished off once, he instead transfers into his newest weapon. A giant chariot with his blades ready and waiting at the sides to attack of their own free accord. After brutally murdering him, you discover a new twist. The mask atop this Silver Hood is looking for a new host, after feeding off of Silver Hood for so long, his memories, his powers, is tired of feeding off of him, and wants someone new, someone stronger to use as a host. The mask manifests as a giant metal monstrosity and is expected to be defeated, The result itself is unknown, but the Deviants and Vagrants do end up leaving.


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The Final Boss battle ideas/outlines
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