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 Power discussion.

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PostSubject: Power discussion.   Power discussion. Icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2009 12:39 pm

This where we discuss the power or special of each indidvual character.

I'll go first:
Super Dense Body-Deux's ebony hide is extremely dense and resiliant, and is 4 times stronger than stainless steel, His muscles and bones are even tougher. Deux's body can easily nullify blows from common steel battering weaponary and even gunshots with little damage to his skin. His body can even withstand explosions from small-to-medium warheads.

Superhuman Strength- Deux's physical strength goes beyond even the finest athelete, He able to lift obejects from 600-800 pounds with little struggle, and can lift a maximum of 2.5 metric ton(nes). Part of this power is provided from Deux's dense musculature.

Superhuman Healing: Deux's body regenarates cells at 3 times the rate of a normal man in his prime. Given time, his body can heal from even potienally lethal wounds. He is also immuned to many toxins and diseases that affect humans.

Temporal Immortality: Neodammerai are unaffected by the ravages as time, Once a Neodammerai reaches maturity (age 25 to 30) their biology changes to preserve, regenerate, and revitalize cells longer than before.

Superhuman Stamina: Deux's muscles produce less fatique toxins than most other creautres, allowing him to exert him self at his peak for longer amounts of time.

Superhuman Reflexes: Deux's reflexes are better than that of the finest human athelete.

Superhuman Speeds: Deux's powerful leg muscles allow him to run at up to speeds up to 37 miles in a single sprint.

Zengai: All Neodammerai pocess a silverish-white life energy known as Zengai, Zengai is renewed and created by converting food energy into Zengai by emzynes, but it can also be created and restored other ways as well. In combat, Zengai can act as barrier to protect from power concussive blasts, or even become a concussive blast itself. It can also be used to power machinery and even heal wounds, as well as various other things.
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PostSubject: Re: Power discussion.   Power discussion. Icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2009 5:06 pm

Control of Fire: The mask Knightmare wears (The Mask of Doom) is a Dragon tribe artifact which gave them the power to breathe fire. In an act of friendship, the Dragon King gave the maask to Knightmare, allowing him to create and sustain fire. Knightmare can create objects out of fire and sustain them for extended periods of time so, he could make a chair of fire and sit in it or a horse of fire and ride it etc. The flames he produces can reach temoeratures of 900+*F and can burn through most subsances.

Resistance to Extreme Temperatures: The mask also gives Knightmare the ability to withstand temperatures above 2,000*F and below 1,500*F. This also means that the licks of fire he creates do not harm him. All of his clothing is inflamable.

Limited Aerial Suspension: Simply speaking, Knightmare can hover in the air for short amounts of time. The cloak he wears was created by a Napaji woman who was skilled in craftsmanship. The cloak is very stiff and can trap air beneath it, allowing Knightmare to glide, not fly, but glide for a short period of time. The cloak is also fire retardant.

Superhuman Strength: Most of Knightmare's arms and legs had to be amputated. They were replaced shortly after by bionic prosthetics. These robotic arms allow Knightmare to lift objects that a fit human would have difficulty lifting. The extent of his strenth is a little over peak human strength (460-500lbs)

Superhuman Speed: As with his arms, Knightmare's legs are almost completely robotic. This allows him to run at speeds around 17-20 Mph.

Extendable Blades: Knightmare's bobotic hands have extendable and removable blade in his fingers. While extended he can use these blades as claws. These blades can also be launched from his fingers. Upon impaling an object they will begin a countdown and explode.
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PostSubject: Re: Power discussion.   Power discussion. Icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2009 10:10 pm

Sure, I'll join in. But, what's the point of this?

Dying Will Flame- Jagger's main special moves come form his Rain Flame attribute. The Dying Will flame is like an overly dense version of aura. However, unlike aura, the dying will flame is a real flame that can melt, burn, and even burn up the oxygen in the air. A dying will flame is super condensed energy, unlike any aura. The purer the flame is the more powerful it is and the greater it demonstrates its characteristic. The characteristic of Rain Flame is Calming, and anything the comes in contact with it is weakened, be it muscles or energy. Depending on the purity of the flame (And the user's resolve) it can do much more than weaken; it can be used to coat and strengthen weapons, shields, etc. The purest 100% Rain Flame can stop the movement of molecules, and consequently freeze time altogether. Every person's Dying Will Flame is unique, and his can only be lit (Without a ring) on his extremities.

Hyper Intuition- This is an ability allows him to seek out his opponents weak points and see through most illusions. As well as have some insight on his opponent's next move.

Hyper Dying Will- A form of the "Dying Will" it allows for one's internal limiters to be removed; giving increased speed, stamina and strength. This would be an amplification of his already near super human abilities. Normally this activated by a special bullet, but Jagger takes it in a chewable vitamin form. This also allows one to more effectively control their Dying Will Flame.

Contacts- His contacts aid of course, with his eye-sight, but also in many other areas. They can take power readings in Fiamma Volts, (a measurement of the Dying Will Flame's energy), they also take in account wind-sheer to aid in the launching of projectiles and have a built-in targeting system.

Family Ring- A ring corresponding to one's Dying Will attribute is a necessity to anyone that utilizes their flame to fight. It is a sort of channel for focusing one's flame through other objects, and what he uses to ignite his blade.

Box Weapon- Box Weapons are small, hand-held cubes that hold tremendous power and weapons within them, which are released by the Dying Will Flame of the user. For the weapon to be released, the right type of ring, flame, and box must be matched up (i.e. Storm ring, storm flame, and storm box weapon) The higher the rank of the ring, and the more pure the flame, the more powerful the weapon will be. His box weapon won't be explained at this time. (That'll be a surprise in store for a Special move)

Sword- Its a blade of meitou class with no formal name, and is commonly referred to as nanashi (nameless). It can withstand incredible temperatures and forces. Jagger is an excellent swordsman, but tends to only use it seriously in dire situations. He is heavy believer in the way of the sword, and is a truly honorable swordsman. In his Hyper Dying Will form he is capable of slashing so quickly that he can use the air itself to attack.

Resistance to Extreme Temperatures- Due to his main power being that of fire, his clothes are, of course, fire resistant. Otherwise, his clothes are thermal and can resist some relatively cold temperatures.
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PostSubject: Re: Power discussion.   Power discussion. Icon_minitime

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Power discussion.
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