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 Week 1:Opening Day!

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Week 1:Opening Day! Empty
PostSubject: Week 1:Opening Day!   Week 1:Opening Day! Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 8:35 pm

Greetings, forum! This is Chaos. I'm here to report the latest news from multiple areas of the forum and DeviantArt, varying on things like forum appearance, to updates on DeviantArt!

That's the only real warming welcome to this segment there is. I guess all that's left is to introduce the character process.

First thing's first, most people will want/need to/get their characters in the game. Well, first thing I'm doing is making the roster abundantly clear.

There can be no more than 16 playable characters. There will be a small roster of 32 characters that will act as assist characters. They don't need to pertain to certain characters, but some may.

If you want to submit a character in the Character Submission topic, go ahead. It has 2 weeks before the topic is locked. In that 2 weeks, the various users need to decide whether or not the character deserves in. In certain rare cases, the topic may be locked earlier for reasons explained by a moderator or dev.

When and if you get confirmed, you may open a topic in the Confirmed Characters category. Anybody can comment, but if you don't have a confirmed character and you make a new topic, it will be deleted. Multiple cases of this will result in blocks. There are several topics dedicated to making characters for the game:

Character Sheet Requirements(For Fighters and Assist Characters)
Animation Regulations and Help(For animating your sheets)

Next up is stage stuff. If you have an idea, post it. We will accept no more than 20 stages. These do not have to pertain to characters, but they can.

Other things include Music, which you can make or find yourself, gameplay suggestions, and some other things that are self-explainitory. Check back next week when we'll go over all current characters in the roster.

With The Weekly Generation:DeviantBattle News, this is Chaos, SIGNING OUT!

*News fanfare*
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Week 1:Opening Day!
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